Android – safe or not

android_securityIn the last month they were found series very serious security flaws of Android. Some of them allow seizure of control of the phone via bogus applications other led to the blocking of the device by sending an SMS with a specific set of characters and others. One of the most dangerous was Stagefright, which gave access to the data on the phone again by sending a special SMS. For him, it was reported at the end of July this year, as Google knows about its existence in April and more then ready to update that resolves the issue. But … it has not yet reached the smartphones. Guilt is again aimed at operators and manufacturers who are delayed. And since largely Android is open and free platform, Google can not oblige companies to comply with its pace of development of Android.

That is why last week the Internet giant announced that it will take care of the security of the devices of the series Nexus, which are branded by Google and their maintenance to be provided by him and not by the producers. Google introduces monthly mode of renewal for all Android devices Nexus. Updates are related to installation adjustments of security gaps and improvements to protect. New features will be added, as have other conditions. In short, Google will seek to provide monthly updates for Nexus within three years of their sales or 18 months after the last unit sold by a model using Google Store. The initiative includes models of the Nexus 4 and up.

Literally hours after the announcement of the Google Samsung announced that it also introduces a new schedule for sending sofuterni updates to improve the security of its smartphones. It will include an update “about once a month.” The company did not specify which models of Galaxy series are included in the new program, nor how long it will continue. South Korean giant states that are still ongoing talks with mobile operators and other partners and details coming soon.